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Silver River 5G ST0024Z
Reviewed by : Vmodtech Date : 2012/01/12

Considered valid for Thermaltake Silver River 5G or Box HDD 3.5-inch body heat of the camera will not do it on the Benchmark that I was removed after Tesco was felt that body. HDD hot enough, but that should not be a problem. The speed of data transfer. If you are familiar with them, then Harddisk Benchmark the speed of the circuit that converts SATA to USB 3.0 on the Thermaltake Silver River 5G is not ugly. Almost as soon as it is connected via SATA on board, I do not think for people who change HDD to SSD also has a rotating disk on the left. I put aside the Board's view it is a good choice. I have a beautiful design for Thermaltake Silver River 5G pass comfortably.